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Welcome to The Funky Mirror Company 

We are proud to be a family run company, offering a fantastic range of acrylic, shatterproof, safety mirrors and glass mirrors.
Fun and funky shaped mirrors make great gift ideas, for the house and garden. Shatterproof they are ideal as children's presents.
Kids mirrors, bathroom mirrors, bedroom mirrors, retro mirrors, sensory mirrors, garden mirrors and sporting mirrors we have somthing for you. 
Acrylic safety mirrors are ideal for cost effective commercial solutions, shatterproof, they comply with health and safety regulations.
Our products are made in house by highly trained cutting technicians. We use raw materials of the highest quality, in the most environmentally friendly way possible, delivered directly to you.
If you can’t find the product you are looking for challenge us to help you.
Please note that paypal standard also processes credit cards.
  • Bubble Letter B Mirror
  • Floating Star Mirror
  • Lion Mirror
  • Retro Number Mirrors
  • Playing Cards Mirror
  • Square Mirror
  • Mirrored Fleu de Lys
  • Heart Mirror
  • Art Deco Vertigo Black Glass Mirror
  • Soldier Mirror



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